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PHA Apprentice Member Program

The PHA Apprentice Member program resulted from the Association's effort to recruit new talent into the sport of showing dogs and ensure they receive appropriate training from bona fide professionals. The program not only affords an employment opportunity with a PHA member, but also a training setting focused on the proper care, training and presentation of a show dog. Apprentice members are permitted to display the PHA emblem (pin), be showcased as working for a professional handler, accrue dog handling work experience, and proceed on a fast-track process of applying for full membership with the PHA. The PHA Apprentice Member program is open to adults and minors alike.

Program Requirements: general

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older. (Minors must have parental permission to participate in the Program.)
  • The applicant must be sponsored by the PHA member they will be employed by
  • The Apprentice must commit to participating in the program for a minimum of four years and be employed by no more than two PHA members
  • The Apprentice member is required to attend at least three dog show-related learning seminars during the four-year program period
  • The Apprentice is governed by the same rules and regulations and discipline measures as that of a full member of the PHA. The PHA member/employer will educate the Apprentice on the AKC rules and regulations governing the sport, as well as the Code of Ethics and other rules and regulations of the PHA.
  • Participation in the PHA Apprentice Member Program is considered a privilege that may be revoked by the Board of Directors at any time based upon recommendation from the PHA member/employer

Application Process: overview

  • A PHA member who will be serving as their employer must sponsor an applicant. The member will request that a Apprentice Application be sent to the applicant
  • The applicant must submit an Apprentice Application accompanied by a prescribed, non-refundable, application fee. (Minors must submit a Certificate of Birth.)
  • The Apprentice Application will be reviewed and decided on by the Board of Directors or their designee. The applicant will be advised of the disposition of their application.
  • If the applicant is accepted into the Program they will be issued a PHA Apprentice pin that shall be worn at dog shows and other appropriate events
  • An annual membership fee shall be assessed

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