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Kennel Facility Requirements

  • A kennel is an area used exclusively for housing, conditioning, and caring for dogs. This area shall provide for a safe and sanitary environment with proper facilities for bathing, grooming and cleanup. It shall have electricity, running water and floors of an impervious material. The kennel facility should provide adequate climate control and ventilation bearing in mind the geographical location of the facility.

  • The kennel shall consist of enough permanent outside runs and inside pens to adequately accommodate the number of dogs the handler houses. The runs should be large enough to provide adequate exercise with fencing that is fixed and of substantial strength to prevent escape. The indoor pens should be of a (minimum) size in which a dog can stand up and lie down without touching the sides or top of the pens.

  • Cages carried in a vehicle to shows and returned to a "kennel space" do not constitute a kennel. Cages left in a vehicle do not constitute a kennel.

  • Adequate facilities, for twenty-four (24) hours a day living, must be on the kennel property to provide supervision of the kennel.

  • Re-inspection is required upon a change of address (physical location).

  • Transportation (kennel on the road) must be a vehicle adequate for the safe, comfortable and humane transportation of the dogs a handler is showing.

  • Leasing of outside kennel facilities to merely satisfy the requirements for the PHA may not be considered proper kennel facilities by the Board of Directors. A leased kennel or facility will be inspected on an individual basis; and approved only if it meets the PHA requirements. The member must use the leased facility on a full-time basis in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement and no other facilities may be used.

To apply for membership in the PHA mail a request for a Letter of Intent, accompanied by three (3) letters of recommendation from members in good standing, to:

Kathleen Bowser, Executive Vice-President
The Professional Handlers' Association, Inc.
171017 Norbrook Drive
Olney, Maryland 80832

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