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Last updated: 2009, June 16

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 Professional Handlers' Association
    Welcome from the Executive Vice President

 Hiring A PHA Handler
    Guide to Hiring a Professional Handler
        When considering using a professional handler, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind
        When choosing a professional handler, ask these questions

 Member Directory

 PHA Organization
    Organization and Structure
    PHA Officers and Directors
    PHA Board of Directors

 Member Interest
    Goals and Objectives of the PHA
    PHA Member Interest Links
    Code Of Ethics
    Membership Information
    Member Benefits/Requirements
    Kennel Requirements
    Apprentice Program
    PHA Reporter

    Hall of Fame
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 PHA Downloadable Forms
    PHA Apprentice Application
    PHA Reinstatement
    PHA Applicant Personal Evaluation
    Letter of Recommendation

    Vehicle Inspection
    Kennel Inspection

 PHA Zones
    Zone Map
    Regional Zone Representatives